A new gatsby starter with a tailwind css design system.

Nova is a gatsby starter written in TypeScript with MDX and TailwindCSS, useful for creating quick web app prototypes and/or high performance marketing websites


  • GatsbyJS (Client)
  • GraphQL (Data)
  • MDX (Content)
  • Netlify (Server)
  • TailwindCSS (Styles)
  • TypeScript (Types)


Nova is composed of different gatsby plugins and themes.

For info about gatsby plugins and themes, see the following:

Gatsby Plugins

Gatsby MDX

MDX with gatsby-plugin-mdx.

  • Configure plugins and other options in gatsby-config.
  • Configure render options in components/mdx

Gatsby Next SEO

SEO with gatsby-plugin-next-seo.

  • Configure defaults in gatsby-config.
  • Configure page level SEO in pages by passing seo props to layouts.
  • Configure seo props in the frontmatter of your mdx/md files.

Custom Plugins and Themes (Coming Soon)

  • Components with TailwindCSS
    • Compositional UI Components
    • Primitive UI Components
    • Structural UI Components
    • Typography UI Components
  • Forms
    • Form Container Compositions
    • React Hook Form
    • Mailchimp / Netlify Integration
  • MDX
    • Blog
    • Case Studies
    • Portfolio
    • Projects

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